Hi, I'm Asuna (she/they)

pronunciation: AS-nah o-SA-ko


After figuring out how to live a balanced life of ease despite the chaos of the outside world and pressures inherent in being a helping professional, I now teach others how they too can overcome chronic stress and burnout and regain balance in all areas of their life and work, without losing everything they've worked so hard to build.

A clinical social worker and drama therapist by trade, I draw from over 15 years of experience and knowledge of neuroscience and psychology as a trauma-oriented therapist, offering helping professionals a transformative path to becoming balanced high performers.

In addition, I have also worked within the field of gender based violence within the nonprofit sector for over a decade, supporting and standing with survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence and sexual violence of all genders and ages (children, youth, adults), and I also work as a psychotherapist in private practice. 

The Cost of Caring

The frustration and fatigue within under-resourced systems, the guilt of not doing/having/being “enough”, the grind of endless tasks, and the mythical boundary setting that feels unattainable are all things I’m intimately familiar with. 

And at the start of my career as a helping professional, I normalized all of it just like most people. After all, feeling tired all the time was normal, right? 

Just part of the hustle and grind of making a difference in the world!

But a serious health scare in my early 30s forced me to face the fact that I was burning myself out. I was forced to take stock of my situation and get to the root of the issue to fix it.

So I did. 

Applying the superpower of my clinical knowledge on myself, and supercharging it with indigenous Japanese wisdom (my homeland) and embodied mind-body practices, I figured out how to resolve my burnout and find balance as a high performer, without sacrificing my career and ambitions. 

I’m now on a mission to help purpose-driven professionals resolve the cause of their burnout, be effective, and thrive so we can collectively make a difference in the world!

Ready to vanquish burnout?

Let's have a 15-minute chat and get clear on the cause of your burnout, and whether my approach can help. This 15-minute conversation could be the beginning of a total transformation of your career, and your personal life.