R.E.S.T. Workshops

 Workshops where you can Reflect, Express, and Slow down Time in order to reset and recharge through creative activities and breathwork.  

This is an invitation to commit to carving out intentional time and space to put yourself at the center of care.

In this busy world, it's very easy to neglect our own care.  Scheduling a workshop is a helpful way to hold ourselves accountable to our own self-care, and a way you can communicate to others that their wellbeing matters

R.E.S.T. workshops can help you fill your own cup and recharge. You can:  

I'm interested! How can I schedule a workshop? 

If you are interested in hosting one or more workshops for people in your life, whether in your personal life, community, or workplace, please reach out to me at asuna@playfulrecovery.com

Workshop Structure 

Size: Must have at least 3 participants

Length: Generally 60-75min depending on the group size

Fee: Collaborative, equity-based pricing 

Location: Workshops are offered over Zoom or locally in NYC

Workshop Options*

*Workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please inquire for examples of previous workshops.

Can I attend an existing workshop?

Yes! If you'd like to attend an upcoming workshop that is open to the general public, join the mailing list for updates and registration details. 

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