I'm Asuna Osako



I help you overcome burnout & chronic stress so you can regain balance in all areas of your life and work without losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.


I combine my years of experience and knowledge of neuroscience & psychology as a trauma-focused therapist with indigenous Japanese wisdom to help purpose-driven professionals become balanced, high performing difference makers, using my signature Arugamama with E.A.S.E. framework.

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My Expertise:

Helping professionals transform the root of their burnout and become confident, healthy, and high performing difference makers.

Who I Work With:

Purpose-driven professionals who are ready to make a change towards a healthier, sustainable life at work and beyond.

This includes professionals who:

👉 Love what they do but are struggling to keep going

👉🏾 Know that peak performance requires a good work-life balance

👉🏽 Value diversity, equity, inclusivity, and kindness

👉🏿 Passionate about bringing innovation and change to the world

👉🏼 Motivated to make a difference in meaningful ways

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I think my favorite part of the program is how amazingly the exercises combine the creative, intellectual, conceptual, and practical, all in one. Whenever I try to solve these problems on my own, I can only be a “theory-head,” reading books and entertaining rationales. I couldn't actively or effectively apply them.
The exercises are really curated in a thoughtful way. And the guidance is irreplaceable.

Tenured Professor

If someone's on the fence, I would say that they should do it because it's definitely worth their time, it's worth their energy, it's worth their investment. It has really completely changed the way I feel about myself. I feel like a changed person. I was feeling such despair and now I feel hopeful. Even just the hope is so meaningful.

Artistic Director

Asuna is not only intelligent and patient, but empowering and encouraging as well. She helped me as I struggled to find confidence in myself and my skills as well as when I struggled to find work life balance. Having her help me with self-care while adjusting to life working from home was incredibly helpful. She helped me feel confident, set boundaries, and assert myself on my behalf and for my clients.

Social Worker

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